Using ZenPhoto for your portfolio

I’ve been working with ZenPhoto‘s on-line portfolio site.

Coming from a WordPress background, this seems to fit quite well with what I need – simple structure / setup, a plugin structure and files based on the hard disk.

As such, it seems oriented to a small, structured site, intended to deliver photography services, rather than either

  • using a web database for your asset management (Coppermine, Gallery)
  • a PhotoBlog – where the photos are used to support the story (I’d use WordPress – as I am here – to run this sort of site).

I’m a big believer in using the right horses for the right courses, rather than trying to shoehorn in a solution that fits on a couple of buzzwords.

I’ll try and include here any tips / tricks, together with odd bits to supplement the documentation. (I will also try and update the ZenPhoto docs, when I get involved in that).

And most of these entries will work for me as an aide-memoire, in case I need to re-engineer.

Good things about ZenPhoto:

  • It’s php, Open Source, MySQL based
  • It doesn’t drag the images into a database
  • There is cacheing of different image sizes
  • The ZenPage plugin lets you run a (basic) blog format alongside
  • There seems to be a smallish development team – although it’s quite limited in terms of the number of installations.
  • Doesn’t have all of the functions I’d like – but I guess I can build the ones I need.