Phew … made it here at last

Well, after a month or so of messing around with mod_rewrite voodoo, I’ve finally made it here to what I hope will be my permanent home at – with help from my hosting service at Unlimited (who pointed out that I was complicating things unnecessarily).

Since I started this – really, as a way of blowing off steam – I think there may be some areas where I can add a different perspective.

From my perspective, I’ve been planning this for a couple of months and that’s meant I held off on some posts – I didn’t want to get all the Google indexing messed up.

And as well as building content, it means that I can work a bit more on visibility – I didn’t want to spend time getting everyone to link to a site that was going to move.

The new site has other advantages – and I can offer a platform to other voices. Hopefully, I’ll try and get some guests posting, where the have something that fits with the flavour of the site.

And I may be less reluctant to load images.

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